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Best practices for BPM customers – the top ten

During my 16 years at Infomate I have been privileged to work with some amazing clients around the world. I’ve enjoyed working with them and learnt so much and benefited from the very insightful interactions that really enriched my understanding of client – service provider relationships and set me thinking on some of the best practices in getting the best out of your outsourcing provider and business relationship that lasts.

Some of the wonderful and very positive interactions with clients that came to mind include

  • Clients who remembered and made it a point to take down not just the names but the birthdays of every member of the team and greeted every member of the team on his / her birthday
  • Thoughtful gifts from their country for each member of the team, each time they visited including local cheeses, chocolates and pictures of the country
  • A client who visited with his team from Australia and hosted a lovely day out for the entire delivery team complete with an international Australia vs Sri Lanka cricket match, conducted in a very friendly spirit I might add, a far cry from the days of Arjuna Ranatunga and Shane Warne and the well documented battles of yesteryear!
  • The clients who took time to host the visiting transition team to a first-class game of rugby league
  • The many clients who took time to help the transition team understand their business, not just the processes and also a little of the culture and highlights of the country / region
  • The encouragement and recognition afforded to our associates to celebrate their achievements
  • The personalized greetings and wishes for important employee personal lives, including birth of a child, weddings and promotions
  • The beautiful gesture to gift the delivery team with client’s branded T-shirts and branded stationery
  • The many inquiries regarding the health of the delivery team during Covid
  • Concern for employees and ensuring that the delivery team was not over-demanded

These experiences gave immense confidence to the delivery teams, endeared the client and their business to them, gave them immense understanding and passion for the for their work, was a huge motivating factor, helped with retention and were an important factor in establishing a long-term partnership.

Based on these incredible experiences I have listed my top ten suggestions for clients of outsourcing and off-shore services, on some best practices that will help clients get the best out of their outsourcing relationships.

  1. On-site transition visit
  2. Physical visit to the delivery centre
  3. Know the team,
  4. Strong rapport with team leader and senior leadership
  5. Encourage innovation, best practices
  6. Celebrate milestones
  7. recognize exceptional performances
  8. Quarterly reviews, annual visits
  9. Look at win-win in formulating agreements, deliveries
  10. Continue to explore new areas of work with which the off-shore team could be enriched, enhanced and strengthened

I would like to acknowledge the foresight, concern and beautiful sprit of friendship and partnership of our many clients over the years that has been such a blessing to infomate and has given rise to this article!

Infomate (, is one of Sri Lanka’s most accomplished BPMs with experience serving clients across the world. With experience serving clients in diverse industries in over 10 countries Infomate has gathered a wealth of experience managing different relationships and meeting industry specific KPIs. We prioritise relationships and trust and pride ourselves in the spirit of innovation. We regularly share best practices, automation and benchmarks and passionate in our quest for excellence

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