We were industry leaders in ESG projects even before these requirements became mandatory.

At Infomate, we're dedicated to making a meaningful impact through our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. From environmental stewardship to social responsibility and solid governance principles, we're committed to doing business the right way.

Environmental Stewardship

Our journey towards environmental conservation is active and hands-on. We dive deep into the heart of nature, engaging in forest conservation efforts and tree-planting initiatives that breathe life back into the earth. Our teams are also regulars at local beach cleanups, where we work to preserve the pristine beauty of our coastal ecosystems. At our offices, a strict zero-plastic policy ensures that our commitment to the planet is mirrored in our daily operations, reinforcing a culture of sustainability.

Social Responsibility

We are proud to say that we were the first company in Sri Lanka to set up a rural BPO back in 2007 in partnership with the John Keells Foundation and FARO (Foundation for Advancing Rural Opportunities). Hundreds of families have and continue to benefit as a result of this initiative. Infomate has 3 green rural BPO centres in Jaffna, Mahawilachchiya and Seenigama.

We're passionate about lifting others as we go on our journey. In collaboration with Child Action Lanka, we reach out to underprivileged children, offering them educational programs and mentorship that open doors to new possibilities. It's our way of fostering inclusivity and opportunity within the community, helping to shape a brighter, more equitable future for all. Employee physical and mental health, counselling, diversity and inclusion.

Governance with Integrity

Governance at Infomate is about maintaining the highest standards of transparency and ethics. We continuously refine our ESG metrics, ensuring that our practices are not only accountable but also align with our core values. This rigorous approach to governance underscores our dedication to a sustainable business model that supports our broader mission of building a business that is as responsible as it is successful.

Sri Lanka’s 1st Recorded Rural BPO

In 2007, Infomate, in collaboration with the John Keells Foundation and FARO (Foundation for Advancing Rural Opportunities), launched a transformative initiative in Mahawilachchiya, a rural village in Anuradhapura. This project marked the beginning of Sri Lanka's first rural BPO, aiming to harness the untapped potential of local youth. By providing employment opportunities in their hometown, we enabled these young individuals to remain close to their families and their roots, fostering both personal and community growth.

The success in Mahawilachchiya led to subsequent projects in Seenigama and Jaffna, expanding our impact and supporting regions affected by natural disasters and conflict. These initiatives not only provided stable jobs but also integrated these communities into the national economic framework, contributing to regional development.

Today, our three rural BPO centres handle over 1.2 million transactions annually. We maintain high standards across all locations, mirroring the infrastructure and work culture of our Colombo office, which promotes a unified and efficient work environment. Our employees, many of whom have been with us for over five years, show remarkable progress, demonstrating the sustainability and success of our rural BPO model. This approach not only addresses industry resource challenges but also significantly reduces national unemployment, making a lasting impact on the lives of our employees and their communities.

ESG Summary

Join us in our mission to create a sustainable and ethical business ecosystem, where eco-friendly practices, diversity, and community involvement are at the forefront of our efforts. It's more than just business; it's a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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John Keells Foundation

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) entity of the John Keells Group which- since its establishment in March 2005- drives the Group’s CSR initiatives from the center

Carries out a range of Medium – Long-term strategic and sustainable projects within six Focus Areas reflecting the diversity within the John Keells Group

Initiatives under each Focus Area are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the United Nations Global Compact

A company limited by guarantee and duly incorporated under the Companies Act, No.17 of 1982 and re-registered under the Companies Act No.7 of 2007 (Registration No. GA 2); also registered under the Voluntary Social Service Organizations (Registration & Supervision) Act, No. 31 of 1980 (as amended) (Registration No. L-98004)

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