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In our suite of Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) services, we meticulously manage employee welfare and compliance requirements with precision and dedication. From overseeing the registration and allocation process for Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee Trust Fund (ETF) numbers to maintaining accurate databases for government records, we ensure seamless enrollment and regulatory compliance for employees.

Our commitment extends to:

Timely filing of EPF and ETF-related returns

Managing compliance-related labor inspections

Sharing monthly MIS reports

Dashboards for insights into regulatory adherence

Moreover, our team handles the monthly preparation of EPF and ETF challans, ensuring precise processing of employee contributions and tracking remitted records for transparency. We provide comprehensive guidance to employees on the benefits of EPF and ETF, assisting with withdrawal procedures and keeping them informed of compliance law amendments.

Additionally, we undertake various compliance-related activities not limited to the list, ensuring holistic adherence to regulatory requirements.

Through our HRO and Payroll services, we empower organizations with robust compliance management and employee welfare solutions, fostering a culture of regulatory compliance and employee well-being.


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