Agricultural Company from Australia

The Client

Our client is one of the oldest Agricultural companies in Australia with over 200 years in the business. They were keen to have potential partners for Business Process Management (BPM), to work closely with them to achieve world-class standards in the finance function.

The Solution

Our solution integrated the core values of the client’s company in their pursuit of excellence and process improvements. Central to the solution was the mandate of the leadership, to be a catalyst for world-class processes, not just a provider of an arbitrage. The proposed solution factored in client’s specifications of Australian hours, together with the profile and skillsets specified, with emphasis on soft skills, analytical capability, initiative and attention to detail.


  • Accounts Payable processing
  • Accounts Receivable management
  • Fixed assets management
  • Reporting
  • Balance sheet schedules
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Shipping documentation
  • Purchase order creation


Infomate deployed a senior transition team to the client’s site in Brisbane. We then began our work-study analysing their current process using a range of metrics. Every process was mapped out, stakeholders were interviewed and the desired outcomes were discussed. The new process was then outlined and defined to support current business rules. The extended team in Sri Lanka trained on JD Edwards and client specifics while the proprietary document management system was deployed to track and monitor KPIs. Monthly progress monitored using measurable KPI’s and the KPI’s were measured against targets and benchmarked against world-class metrics, derived from a range of international benchmark. Process improvement suggestions were shared regularly with the client through monthly performance reports and weekly / monthly review calls.

Business Benefits & Outcome

  • Detailed process maps and SOPs for all processes
  • A range of KPIs measuring every aspect of the process with continuous improvements demonstrated
  • Key finance metrics benchmarked against world-class measures
  • Multiple process improvements
  • Sharing of ERP best practices and industry best practices
  • Regular status reporting on every aspect of the process
  • Sharing of best practices on fraud analytics and information security
  • 99.9% accuracy and SLA compliance

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