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January 12, 2021

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January 12, 2021

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January 12, 2021


“Think. Transform. Grow. Your Success Story” – An Infomate Transformation initiative led by Clyde Rodrigo was rolled out in January in collaboration with Geetha Wijesinghe, Aruni Kalyani, Dylshan Perera, Mohamed Asurdeen, Selvarajah Kamaalraj, Ranga Wijewardana & Jehan Perinpanayagam.   This initiative will:

  • Inspire, enable & navigate our young talent towards,
    • Professional development outcomes
    • Personal development outcomes
    • Business sustenance & transformation outcomes
  • Provide clear learning paths & promote ownership & responsibility of one’s growth
  • Provide on-demand & scheduled accessibility to
    • training
    • coaching
    • opportunities
    • guidance
  • Empower its leadership with resources for growth, performance & engagement
  • Feed the “learning organization” culture

  To deliver on the goals of this initiative, a broad array of infrastructure has been launched. These include a  newlearning framework,  online platform,  in-depthprogram offerings,  policy development  & more:

  • Infomate Skill Tree with Business, Executive & Strategic learning paths
  • In blended learning & certification for business capabilities
  • Skill Matrix based Training Process
  • Technical Training development
  • Elements of Gamified Learning
  • Communicator Club: 12 day program
  • Internal Learning Comms
  • Bite sized learning programs
  • Team coaching (Extended period upskilling)
  • Going paperless
  • Integration with SuccessFactors LMS

  Direct Collaborators Clyde Rodrigo, Initiator & Project Lead – learning framework, programs & digitization Geetha Wijesinghe – SAP technical training development Aruni Kalyani – SAP expertise & review Dylshan Perera – SAP expertise & review Mohamed Asurdeen – Training expertise & review Selvarajah Kamaalraj – SAP expertise Ranga Wijewardana, Head of Operations -Finance Services – Oversight & project targets Jehan Perinpanayagam, CEO – Strategic priorities for learning.   Supporters & other collaborators Kevin George & IT TeamFinance Apprentice batchesMembers of CS, CD, QC TeamsNiresh SamaranayakeWasana GallageDishan SamarathungaInfomate Management & Staff


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