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January 12, 2021

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March 5, 2021

Jaffna BPO Technologies Limited, which carries out accounting transaction processing for the subsidiaries of the John Keells Group, via Group subsidiary Infomate Pvt Limited, was

January 12, 2021

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June 20, 2022

Infomate, increases female workforce to 60%

Infomate, a subsidiary of John Keells Holdings, a leading Financial Accounting BPO & Business Process Management firm and the pioneer in rural BPMs in the Island, has made significant strides in recent years in terms of inclusion and diversity and has today, one of the largest female workforces amongst the BPM organizations in the country

The company has proved to be a great place to work for females that constitute nearly 60% of its staff.

At a time when women employment has experienced drastic drops and increasing women representation in the workforce has become an important topic in the boardrooms, Infomate’s strong focus on successfully implementing gender diversity policies in their organization is clearly a benchmark to be celebrated.

Rohini Jayawardena, a key role model for the company, heading Human Resources and overseeing the HR function for over 300 staff said “at Infomate, we take the time to learn about our female employees personal values, passions, strengths, and life goals and brainstorm ways to integrate these things into their career.”

“ We ensure equal opportunities for promotions; develop their leadership skills, and our training portfolio serves to unlock their full potential. This way, our younger employees have role models within the company to connect to and model their careers after, owing to numerous women leaders driving Infomate’s success.’

Other role models notably contributing to the company’s success is Aruni Kalyani with 25 years’ of continuous service anda founding member of Infomate, who heads the Client Services Team and has been instrumental in implementing and maintaining the high level of Customer Service that the company is known for.

Nilmini Dasanayake another success story at Infomatecompletes25 years of service next year. In addition to her role in managing multiple overseas clients, she has overseen Infomate’s outsource units in Jaffna, Mahawilachchi and Seenigama and trained and provided a host of opportunities to the youth in these regions to step into the BPM industry and build successful careers.

Yasasi Perera heading the Finance Division at infomate is an active member of the management committee, driving the ESG initiatives of the company.

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