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What Being a “Great Place to Work” Means to Our Team

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”

Brian Kristofek, President & CEO, Upshot 

We, at Infomate, have always taken pride in our workforce being a cut above the rest, and we could not be more thrilled about being awarded the Great Place to Work certification – all thanks to their dedication. In a time where burnout, stress, depression, and lack of motivation in employees are making headlines, we strive to embrace a culture that celebrates diversity, trust and engagement. From interns to directors, this positive culture is what fuels our performance.

What is a ‘Great Place to Work’?

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Its mission is to build a better world by helping organizations become truly great places to work. Their certification process uses data from the Trust Index Survey and Culture Brief Audit to calculate scores in six categories:

– Financial growth
– Trust within the organization
– The ability to maximize human potential
– Leadership effectiveness
– Innovation

– Values

What Makes it Such a Great Place? 

Contrary to popular opinion, perks, benefits, and an enjoyable workplace atmosphere aren’t the determinants of what makes an office a great place to work. Like a parent who wins children’s affections with treats, being fun would certainly make the workplace easy to like in the short term. However, according to China Gorman, the CEO of Great Place to Work Institute, for favorable results, in the long run, a “people-centric culture” should be practiced and encouraged within the organization. This positive culture should be intentional and in line with the common vision they share. Its core values of trust and engagement should be instilled in everyone that works at the company. There is no place for rigid hierarchy in a Great Place to Work. In fact, employees are not treated any less superior to the employer, because all those who are a part of the organization are simply colleagues that are equally invested in the success of the company. To paraphrase Gorman, every member should be “all in”. 

At a great place to work, trust and engagement are two sides of the same coin. Trust means that employees have implicit faith in their leaders to make the right decisions, and employers trust that their team would prioritize the organization’s future above all. Effective engagement is when all members understand and appreciate that they are a part of something bigger – something that goes beyond the basic goals of making sales and bringing in revenue. In order to achieve a level of trust and engagement that is sincere and natural, leaders should practice transparency so that they become more approachable to the employees, who in turn will be more open to discussing their opinions and experiences of the organization. Additionally, all feedback, constructive criticism, and praise should be communicated in a transparent manner, which will contribute to strengthening the trust in the community. To that effect, constant and frequent conversations between and among coworkers should be encouraged. Who better to analyze which areas need improving than the people who know the organization like the back of their hand? Lastly, none of these values would bring success or harmony in the workplace if they are not practiced intentionally and with continual attention being given to all employees, regardless of their position. Everyone should be a passionate advocate for a better future for the organization, and that is how a Great Place to Work is created. 

At Infomate we truly believe in the fostering of a culture of positivity, support, and fairness in the workplace. Whether it is benchmarking compensation, providing ample opportunities for discovering, growing, and recognizing the team’s talents, endorsing an equal opportunity environment, or working responsibly and in line with ESG criteria, each step we take is towards an undeniably promising future. The whole team, regardless of them working at the Infomate office, from home, or training at other companies under the John Keells Holdings family, takes these positive steps together.

Does it Really Bring in Better Results?

Does stimulating “trust and engagement” walk the talk? Yes, it does. Look at us. Infomate is what it is today because of the community we have built where all of our members are VIPs. It’s about time to take the common belief that a cut-throat environment at the workplace generates better results, and kick it to the curb. Years of research have proven that stress and pressure at a workplace come at serious costs, even though they may contribute to better short-term productivity and profits. But that is just the thing; the pros of this approach are all temporary, while the consequences could damage an organization and the employees for years to come. Workplace stress has been linked with accidents, mental health deterioration, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular problems, and even death, due to mental distress, physical complications, and accidents. Another cost is that of disengagement. As unmotivated and undervalued employees can (and will) not dedicate themselves to an organization that is draining them. This can result in high absenteeism, increased human error, low productivity, low profits, and poor job growth. Lastly, the lack of loyalty of these employees naturally leads to high voluntary turnover. These problems rarely – if ever – happen in a workplace with a positive culture. 

Trust and engagement bring tangible results. Despite sounding like the title of a TED Talk, workplaces that have been GPTW certified show better performance, growing finances, great customer satisfaction, as well as have better recruitment and retention of employees. The TED talks that the Infomate team does spend time on are focused more on career development, inspirational personal stories, physical and mental health, and the work-life balance. These become lively discussions that help us stay together as well as stay informed.

“What’s it Like Being at a Great Place to Work?” We Asked Our Team. 

Work-life balance is crucial in generating better performance and protecting the health of employees. It was important to us that the switch to remote working amidst the COVID-19 pandemic wouldn’t blur the lines between work and life. 

“I realize that my employment at Infomate is more than just about the work – it is also about the opportunities to engage in a variety of meaningful activities. A year of working from home can affect mental health, but Infomate has ensured we always maintain work-life balance.”

  • Shania Fernando, Process Associate

From lunchtime chats to brainstorming sessions, we believe that good ideas can come from anyone, and value the thoughts our employees share with us. We learn from them, as much as they do from us. 

“It’s so great to work for a company that truly values new ideas and suggestions. I have worked at Infomate for almost 10 years and have really enjoyed growing with the company starting from an entry level to a managerial level. Working with Infomate is continuous learning while overcoming new challenges day by day.”

  • Selvarajah, Assistant Manager – Financial Services 

At Infomate, we know when we spot talent, and we aim to provide unparalleled growth opportunities ranging from the classroom to online and blended learning to soft skill development for any team member as passionate as we are.

“I began my career at Infomate and was a part of the three-year finance apprentice programme. The experience combined with the finance module and SAP ERP knowledge helped me become one of the youngest Team Leads in the JK group at the age of 23. We have an amazing teaching culture here with continuous classroom training, mentoring sessions, and team support in a friendly atmosphere”

  • Mevan Kiriella, Accounting Team Lead 

The certification confirms that we are on the right path and spurs us on to keep at it. We are proud of our values and our brilliant team for helping Infomate achieve the Great Place to Work status. Looking ahead, we will keep pushing boundaries, aim for greatness and strive to make this culture of goodness go viral. 

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